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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] New feature: w3m-history-scrub for web privacy and resource clean-up (#2)

I've just now added four commits to the PR, hopefully divided up so that if some part you find undesirable the rest should not be affected. In particular:

  1. 3e7664e has an error in the commit message. It should refer to function w3m-save-list. The commit changes the behavior of that long-standing function by having it return a useful return value; it doesn't look to me that the change will affect any of its other callers, and its always a good idea to have a useful return value. If you don't like that, then the next commit, fa75089, doesn't get merged either.

  2. 8933fd2 sneaks in a function w3m--full-window-message which I started using for several purposes in my old development fork (back before the project moved to git). There, it was part of a sub-project for nicer messaging options, and it could be part of a separate branch and pull-request here, but since the confirmation message here was just the type the function was designed for, and I had it handy, I snuck it in now as a separate commit.

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