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colorized messages with timeouts

I've pushed to my github copy of the project, a new branch called
bb_messaging, which is today's upstream master branch with an enhanced
message presentation for the echo area. Although the commit is new, and
I don't want to issue a pull request until I test it more and live with
it a bit, I wanted to make it available for others to try out, review,
test, give feedback, report bugs, etc.


1) timeout feature - This part of the patch I had originally written
   months ago and had meant to submit to the cvs repository. I had been
   annoyed by some types of transient w3m-messages remaining forever in
   the echo area, so the feature addresses that annoyance. Sometimes,
   such messages confuse and mislead about the current state of the
   program, so it can be more than just an annoyance. (oops, can't think
   of an example just now. I've been living without that annoyance for
   months now).

2) colorization - This is something I added today, as I was porting over
   the first feature. The project uses w3m-message in the echo area for
   several classes of messages of varying nature, including status
   updates, warnings, and errors. This feature allows the project to add
   a visual cue for each.


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