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Re: How to use emacs-w3m feature: octet?

On 2019-02-18 14:44, TSUCHIYA Masatoshi wrote:
> Hi,
> >> On Sun, 17 Feb 2019 22:33:59 -0500
> >> boruch_baum@xxxxxxx (Boruch Baum) said as follows:
> >The codebase includes a file 'octet.el' that I can't figure out how to
> >use, so I'm turning to the list for guidance (also cc'ing the listed
> >author, Yuuichi Teranishi <teranisi@xxxxxxxxxx>)
> >The instructions are to `(require 'octet)`, which tells me that package
> >`poe` is not found, and I also see another required package `pces` that
> >also can't be found. Neither show up either in (M)ELPA or in a cursory
> >internet search.
> octet.el is a module to display several MIME contents generated by
> Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel encoded in application/octet-stream
> style.  It converts them into text/html format using converters like
> xlhtml and wvware, and displays them using emacs-w3m.  It works on
> several MUAs based on SEMI package, including Wanderlust and Semi-Gnus.
> This module is effective when we use non-window environment.
> SEMI package depends on FLIM package, which provides serveral utility
> functions to handle MIME messages.
> poe.el and pces.el are parts of APEL package, which is designed to
> absorb differences between several Emacsens, like GNU Emacs, XEmacs, and
> APEL, FLIM and SEMI were widely used by Japanese Emacsen users, because
> they were effective to handle MIME messages.
> APEL can be downloaded from http://git.chise.org/elisp/apel/.
> FLIM can be downloaded from http://git.chise.org/elisp/flim/.
> SEMI can be downloaded from http://git.chise.org/elisp/semi/.

Thanks! I'll put your response as a new documentation commit addition in
the PR #15 that I just posted.

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