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Re: oneline patch to ~/.emacs.d/elpa/w3m-20190222.738/w3m-favicon.el

Hi Katsumi San.
> Could you let me know some of such sites?  A guard for such
> breakage already exists as follows:

I have removed my own oneline and look for the site, without luck.
I was just reading comics online. But the image was too small. so I did
"G" for opening the image on a new buffer and the error showed. The
error is not on the main page, but when opening individual images.

> (defun w3m-favicon-retrieve (url type target)
> [...]
> 	    (if (and ok
> 		     ;; Some broken servers provide empty content.
> 		     (>= (buffer-size) 4))
> But this criterion would probably be not enough to detect it and
> have to be improved.  I should do it.

I am going to continue navigating with this unpatched version. Perhaps
on the next weekend there is more luck.