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Re: oneline patch to ~/.emacs.d/elpa/w3m-20190222.738/w3m-favicon.el

Hi Boruch.

> Thanks Andres,
> I've prepared a patch and github pull request that changes the `when'
> function to explicitly make the two required bounds checks.
>   (when (or (not (eq type 'ico))
> 	    ;; Is it really in the ico format?
> 	    (and (>= (length data) 4)
>                  (string-equal "\x00\x00\x01\x00" (substring data 0 4)))
> 	    ;; Some icons named favicon.ico are animated GIFs.
> 	    (and (>= (length data) 5)
>                  (member (substring data 0 5) '("GIF87" "GIF89"))
> 		 (setq type 'gif)))

Looks quite better. I would let You know when i start working with this
version. In another email from this thread with Katsumi San. I am navigating still with
an unpatched version, trying to catch again the error.

Thanks for the patch. BR
ps: yesterday I sent an email to the list (and it's not being showed
until now)