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Using w3m-download

Instead of using wget, I decided to try emacs-w3m for downloading
several large (~500Mb) files, and after crashing my emacs server, have
a few comments:

1) function w3m-download uses function w3m-retrieve, which says it will
   put the data into the current buffer. Is that ever desirable for a
   download? I performed an lgrep to see how the project uses
   w3m-download and even for small uses, it doesn't ever seem necessary,
   optimal, or even desirable.

2) There is no progress indicator of any kind.

3) I thought maybe I could find the partial downloads in some temporary
   files somewhere, but didn't see any, not in ~/.w3m or ~/.emacs.d.

4) There's no way to resume an aborted download.

Am I correct about all this? Is the project interested in these
features? If these features aren't available with the w3m back-end, is
there an objection to using something else, such as wget or aria2?

I've coded something similar for another project, so I can share the
generic code.

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