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Re: reload twice with minimal (?) example and 'emacs -q'

Boruch Baum wrote:

> 1] MELPA should auto-magically update its
>    version whenever a commit is made to the
>    master branch of the emacs-w3m project
>    github repository, so if you have M-x
>    list-packages set-up for MELPA, then you
>    can see the date and revision that they
>    are currently using, and update that way.
> 2] Because w3m-el and w3m-el-snapshots are
>    debian packages, they need to be manually
>    or semi-manually built, and then go
>    through a staging process passing through
>    the 'unstable' repository, which usually
>    takes a minimum of a few weeks, unless
>    there is some urgent security issue in
>    play. Separately, debian may be in some
>    stage of 'release-freeze', so it might be
>    impossible to upload an update with this
>    kind of patch to them.

OK, is it encouraged to get Emacs-w3m from
MELPA rather than the repos? I have always used
the repos for Emacs-w3m in particular. It is
the only "non-Emacs Emacs" stuff I get from
there, BTW, not that I expect there to be
a whole lot of other things around...

MELPA (and/or (?) the Emacs package manager)
reports Emacs-w3m as not installed:

    w3m                20190415.228  available  melpa      an Emacs interface to w3m

As seen, the MELPA package version is
20190415.228 which seems pretty recent
(BTW what does .228 mean? Surely there weren't
228 commits that day?!)

I have 1.4.569 which is from the
w3m-el-snapshot package which has the complete
package version number 1.4.569+0.20170110-1

So there is a difference [1] of, holy socks!

    2y 3m 5d (825d)

But that's not the end of it. The w3m-el Debian
package w3m-el has Emacs-w3m/package version
1.4.538+0.20141022-5, so the time difference
here is (hold your breath)

    4y 5m 24d (1636d)

man(1)! Perhaps you should ditch the repos
approach? Or is the software actually not
that old?

And what happens with the repos installation
if I install it from MELPA? Does it make sense
to purge it first?

[1] 'time-from', line 38-78 @ http://user.it.uu.se/~embe8573/conf/.zsh/time

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