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Re: reload twice with minimal (?) example and 'emacs -q'

On April 19, 2019, [emacs-w3m:13366], moasenwood (at zoho.eu) wrote:
> package w3m-el has Emacs-w3m/package version
> 1.4.538+0.20141022-5, so the time difference
> here is (hold your breath)
>     4y 5m 24d (1636d)

Debian 9 (Stretch) was released on 2017-06-17 (frozen on 2017-02-05),
  - w3m-el 1.4.538+0.20141022-5
    (some patches applied, last modified on 2017-01-19)
  - w3m-el-snapshot 1.4.569+0.20170110-1

Debian 10 (Buster) will be released few months later (frozen on 2019-03-12),
  - w3m-el 1.4.569+0.20170110-5
    (some patches applied, last modified on 2018-12-17)
  - w3m-el-snapshot 1.4.632+0.20181112-2

I intend that w3m-el is a released version and w3m-el-snapshot is a
more recent version fitted for Debian release.

For Debian 8 (Jessie) and later, w3m-el switched the upstream
source to the previous released w3m-el-snapshot, because released
emacs-w3m version 1.4.4 (2005-03-25) is too old and hard to maintain.

After the Debian releases, the packages are not updated except very
important bug fixes such as security issues.

If you'd like to use the leading-edge version of emacs-w3m, install
from GitHub with MELPA or manually.  If you'd like to use the
Debian package management system and accept some months old version,
install w3m-el-snapshot from testing with APT pinning or manually.

BTW, currently w3m-el/w3m-el-snapshot packages in Debian
testing/unstable/experimental are architecture-independent and
satisfy the dependency for Debian 8 (Jessie), 9 (Stretch) and later.

So, the w3m-el-snapshot_*.deb file picked from Debian
unstable/experimental is probably installable on your Raspbian
Stretch system.  If it fails, you may file a wishlist bug to Debian
bug tracking system even if Raspbian related.

  - https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/w3m-el-snapshot
  - https://www.debian.org/Bugs/

Tatsuya Kinoshita