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Re: MELPA or w3m-el-snapshot

On February 22, 2020, [emacs-w3m:13592], moasenwood (at zoho.eu) wrote:
> BTW do you recommend to use the MELPA version
> or w3m-el-snapshot on Debian Buster?
> What do you think, does it matter?

First, I recommend you to remove your byte-compiled init files
because the old stuff, such as inline functions and macros,
may be embeded in the *.elc files.

If you still have a problem with the MELPA version, please remove
the old versions, restart Emacs, and then reinstall it.  Because
the MELPA version may be affected with the old stuff when

Personally, I prefer the Debian version.  The Debian version is not
affected with the old stuff when byte-compiling.  If you think the
Debian stable version is buggy, you may pick a more recent version
from Debian testing, the current version is w3m-el-snapshot

Tatsuya Kinoshita