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Re: Browser Fingerprinting

Boruch Baum wrote:

> And thus? Oh, maybe you're confusing user-agent
> strings with fingerprinting? They're very different
> concepts. I gave several examples of fingerprinting
> data elements in my original e-mail. Otherwise,
> I don't understand what point you're trying to make.

First set `w3m-add-user-agent' to t, which is default:

  (setq w3m-add-user-agent t)

and visit [1].

Then set it to nil

  (setq w3m-add-user-agent nil)

and visit [1] again. See?

They do fingerprinting with cookies, JavaScript, HTML
canvas (which uses JavaScript), and the User-Agent field
in the HTTP request.

Because JavaScript isn't an issue with Emacs-w3m, what
remain are cookies and the HTTP request, thus

  (setq w3m-add-user-agent nil)
  (setq w3m-use-cookies nil)

Right? :)

[1] https://amiunique.org/fpNoJS

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