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Re: w3m-download trouble

Boruch Baum wrote:

> You may recall I offered a very different
> implementation of w3m-download than exists in the
> master branch [...]

w3m-download, what is that?

`w3m-download' I have in w3m.el in

  GNU Emacs 26.1 (build 2, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) of
  2019-09-23, modified by Debian



well, `w3m-version' outputs "w3m/0.5.3+git20190105",
but that's w3m the shell tool (w3m(1)) and not Emacs
w3m. Was there not a variable/command to output the
Emacs w3m version, with a helpful line in the
docstring so not to mix up the w3m and Emacs
w3m versions?

If only _one_ such variable/command is available,
doesn't it make more sense to focus on Emacs w3m?
As it is now, because everything else which is
prefixed `w3m-' is actually Emacs w3m, won't people
think that w3m-version refers to Emacs w3m as well?

Anyway now I digress... what is the w3m-download
module, and how do I get it?

I made a little module myself, if you can call it
that; it is mostly an interface to youtube-dl(1) and
rtorrent(1). It is simple but efficient and has
served me well for many years. Have a look! Maybe you
get an idea or two or maybe you can spot something
I do, that Emacs w3m already does, so I can save
a few bytes in my .emacs :)


Keep it up with great software :)

underground experts united