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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Find/use 'next'/'prev' links not identified within HTML tags (#81)

;; I'm not sure how to make a reply sent in the GitHub page so to CC'd
;; to the emacs-w3m list as well (some of my past replies weren't CC'd).
;; This is a copy of what I sent to the list.

Thank you for the great feature (if works). But have you tried
byte-compile it with the git master? It complained as follows:
| In w3m-scroll-up-or-next-url:
| w3m.el:9141:30: Error: ‘add-to-list’ can’t use lexical var ‘options’; use
| ‘push’ or ‘cl-pushnew’
| w3m.el:9162:1: Warning: Unused lexical variable ‘cur’
| In w3m-scroll-down-or-previous-url:
| w3m.el:9197:30: Error: ‘add-to-list’ can’t use lexical var ‘options’; use
| ‘push’ or ‘cl-pushnew’
| In end of data:
| w3m.el:12087:1: Warning: the function ‘w3m-goto-next-anchor’ is not known to
| be defined.

Though add-to-list currently works as expected even in the
lexbound world as far as I tested, I think we should replace

(while ... (add-to-list (quote VAR) VAL t) ...)


(while ... (cl-pushnew VAL VAR) ...)
(setq VAR (nreverse VAR))

The unused cur is in w3m-scroll-down-or-previous-url.
The w3m-goto-next-anchor function was deleted by me a year ago
in the git master, sorry.


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