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[emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] w3m-form-submit behavior for setting POINT (#83)

When using function w3m-form-submit, POINT is restored to the same location, at the end of the operation. This usually ends up being desirable because usually the web page that is returned by the HTTP request is the same as before. A notable example of an exception is the popular Duckduckgo search engine. That website uses form submissions to navigate to previous and next pages of a web search, so if the user presses those form button widgets at the bottom of the search pages, POINT will be set to that value in the new search page, which could be anywhere in the middle or end of the new page, but certainly not at the top of the new page, which is the desired behavior.

Duckduckgo is my default search engine, but I never noticed it because the first page of search results I receive has 31 entries, which has always been sufficient for me. I came across this behavior when applying intelligent scrolling / page navigation to that website.

Programmatically going to POINT-MIN after submitting the form isn't sufficient because the call is asynchronous. Maybe it's necessary to modify the form vector itself?

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