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youtube filter

At some point, youtube changed how they served web pages, and as a
result the youtube filter no longer works, so it would be sensible to
remove it.

I took a look at the option of updating it, and to do so in the two
sample pages I checked would need to reconstruct their javascript.
Virtually their entire pages are javascript now. By virtually, I mean:

              As downloaded   without <script> and <head>
1) Homepage:    540 kb                 5312 bytes
2) Watch page   471 kb                 3087 bytes

Would it be desirable to ask upstream (w3m Tats-san) for an option to
receive pages without <script> contents, and/or without <head> contents?
Youtube isn't going to be the only website with an despicably low
content ratio, so it could save a huge amount of space and processing.
Just the space saved in caching might make it worthwhile. There would
still need to be an option to get the complete raw html just so a user
could examine and save it, but that would be a rare use-case.

ALSO: Any feedback about my pull-request for ambiguous page navigation?
My experience with it has been excellent, so if there is any criticism
of it, I'd like to hear.

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