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Toolbar in GNU Emacs 21


toolbar in GNU Emacs 21 should be in English. Please apply this patch:

2001-06-04  Pavel Janík  <Pavel@Janik.cz>

	* w3m.el (w3m-menubar): Toolbar in GNU Emacs 21 should be in

diff -urN emacs-w3m.orig/w3m.el emacs-w3m/w3m.el
--- emacs-w3m.orig/w3m.el	Mon Jun  4 22:25:37 2001
+++ emacs-w3m/w3m.el	Mon Jun  4 23:59:07 2001
@@ -691,25 +691,25 @@
 (defconst w3m-toolbar
   '([w3m-toolbar-back-icon w3m-view-previous-page
-			   "前のページに戻る"]
+			   "Back to Previous Page"]
     [w3m-toolbar-parent-icon w3m-view-parent-page
-			     "上のディレクトリへ移動する"]
+			     "Upward to Parent Page"]
     [w3m-toolbar-forward-icon w3m-view-next-page
-			      "次のページに進む"]
+			      "Forward to Next Page"]
     [w3m-toolbar-reload-icon w3m-reload-this-page
-			     "サーバからページをもう一度読み込む"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-open-icon w3m-goto-url t "URL を入力してページを開く"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-home-icon w3m-gohome w3m-home-page "ホームページへジャンプ"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-search-icon w3m-search t "インターネット上を検索"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-image-icon w3m-toggle-inline-images t "画像の表示をトグルする"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-copy-icon w3m-copy-buffer t "このセッションのコピーを作る"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-weather-icon w3m-weather t "天気予報を見る"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-antenna-icon w3m-antenna t "アンテナで受信する"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-history-icon w3m-history t "ヒストリー"]
-    [w3m-toolbar-db-history-icon w3m-db-history t "DBヒストリー"]
+			     "Reload This Page"]
+    [w3m-toolbar-open-icon w3m-goto-url t "Go to..."]
+    [w3m-toolbar-home-icon w3m-gohome w3m-home-page "Go to Home Page"]
+    [w3m-toolbar-search-icon w3m-search t "Search the Internet"]
+    [w3m-toolbar-image-icon w3m-toggle-inline-images t "Toggle Images"]
+    [w3m-toolbar-copy-icon w3m-copy-buffer t "Make a Copy of This Session"]
+    [w3m-toolbar-weather-icon w3m-weather t "Weather Forecast"]
+    [w3m-toolbar-antenna-icon w3m-antenna t "Investigate with Antenna"]
+    [w3m-toolbar-history-icon w3m-history t "Show a History"]
+    [w3m-toolbar-db-history-icon w3m-db-history t "Show a DB History"]
   "Toolbar definition for w3m.")

Please use English when replying to me. Your language is really nice (at
least in Emacs :-) but I can not understand it.
Pavel Janík

 * We used to try various strange things. Let's not.
                  -- 2.2.16 fs/buffer.c