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Re: WIDTH attribute of IMG

あ いかん、UTF-8 で出てしまった。再送します。
Sorry, the last message has a charset UTF-8.  I shall resend it.

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.01086] 
>>>>>	Pavel@Janik.cz (Pavel Janik) wrote:

>> Do you have a super computer?  It might be a mission impossible.

Pavel> no, I do not have one (at least yet). Could this be an
Pavel> customizable-option defaulting to nil?

Yes, it could be.  However, AFAIK, practically all the Emacs-W3M
developers have no interest in such advanced features so far.
Could you write Emacs-Lisp codes?  That are welcome.
The same sentence in Japanese below:
それは出来るよ。しかし、ぼくが知る限り事実上すべての Emacs-W3M
Emacs-Lisp コードを書いてくれないか? そういうのは歓迎だ。

>> Of course, it can be achieved if we don't spare the cpu costs,

Pavel> Hmm - one could add: why do you call w3m process instead of
Pavel> trying to improve w3 itself? No, I do not want to flame here -
Pavel> but an option to do this could be really useful.

Eh, w3?  People in Japan, what he said is that:
「何故W3Mなんか使ってるの?  W3を改良したらいいじゃないか」
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>