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Re: Asynchronous operation?

Hi Hannu,

Thank you for the significant suggestion.  I put a question to
Japanese core developers about asynchronous operation on behalf
of you.

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.01242] 
>>>>>	Hannu Koivisto <azure@iki.fi> wrote:

Hannu> Unfortunately the implementation precludes the greatest advantage
Hannu> (to me) in using an external rendering engine: asynchronous
Hannu> operation.  I think it would have been quite easy to make w3m-el
Hannu> work asynchronously from start, but at this point it might be
Hannu> somewhat involved (I took a look at the code and decided not to do
Hannu> it at least for now).  Is there some particular reason why it
Hannu> wasn't made asynchronous in the beginning?  Has someone familiar
Hannu> with the code considered modifying it to work asynchronously?

ンド w3m を非同期で動かすというご提案ですよね。たぶん w3m-el が
外部コマンド w3m の何かの出力を待っている間に、Emacs で他の仕事
ができること、極端なことを言えば w3m-el の frame を複数立ち上げ
てそれぞれに別の URL をアクセスさせるようなことを意味している。

Hannu> In addition (this isn't very useful with synchronous operation), it
Hannu> would be nice if links could be opened to new buffers (either all
Hannu> the time just like with W3 or with some special command, of which
Hannu> there could be variations for opening to a new window/frame etc.)

これは現在の M-n `w3m-copy-buffer' を発展させて、link 毎にバッファ
を作ってしまうことなんですかね。expire の仕組みが必要ですなあ。


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;; のはご勘弁下さい。
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>