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Asynchronous operation?


First of all, let me say that as a concept w3m-el is the best thing
since sliced bread; I was quite enthusiastic when I first heard
about it.

Unfortunately the implementation precludes the greatest advantage
(to me) in using an external rendering engine: asynchronous
operation.  I think it would have been quite easy to make w3m-el
work asynchronously from start, but at this point it might be
somewhat involved (I took a look at the code and decided not to do
it at least for now).  Is there some particular reason why it
wasn't made asynchronous in the beginning?  Has someone familiar
with the code considered modifying it to work asynchronously?

In addition (this isn't very useful with synchronous operation), it
would be nice if links could be opened to new buffers (either all
the time just like with W3 or with some special command, of which
there could be variations for opening to a new window/frame etc.)