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Re: Asynchronous operation?

>> On 27 Jun 2001 14:48:35 +0300
>> azure@iki.fi (Hannu Koivisto) said as follows:

>Unfortunately the implementation precludes the greatest advantage
>(to me) in using an external rendering engine: asynchronous

I think so too.

>I think it would have been quite easy to make w3m-el
>work asynchronously from start, but at this point it might be
>somewhat involved (I took a look at the code and decided not to do
>it at least for now).  Is there some particular reason why it
>wasn't made asynchronous in the beginning?

There is a simple reason: I could not implement asynchronous version.

>Has someone familiar with the code considered modifying it to work

Mr. Sugawara has already posted his asynchronization patch in
[emacs-w3m:01230] and [emacs-w3m:01235].

Anyway, I'd like to see your implementation.  Please post your patch
to this mailing list.

>In addition (this isn't very useful with synchronous operation), it
>would be nice if links could be opened to new buffers (either all
>the time just like with W3 or with some special command, of which
>there could be variations for opening to a new window/frame etc.)

Could you try M-n (w3m-copy-buffer)?  It is the command to generate
new w3m-mode buffer.

I don't like multi buffer style like W3.  It opens too many buffer to
select the other buffer when moving buffer.

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi