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Re: Asynchronous operation?

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@pine.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp> writes:

| >> On 27 Jun 2001 14:48:35 +0300
| >> azure@iki.fi (Hannu Koivisto) said as follows:
| >Has someone familiar with the code considered modifying it to work
| >asynchronously?
| Mr. Sugawara has already posted his asynchronization patch in
| [emacs-w3m:01230] and [emacs-w3m:01235].
| Anyway, I'd like to see your implementation.  Please post your patch
| to this mailing list.

As I mentioned, I just took a look at the code and decided not to
do any implementation at that point, so I don't have one yet.
However, I might do one now that I got Mr. Sugawara's patches from
the archives: I think I may be able to use them as a starting
point.  I applied them to the latest CVS sources and the result
works in simple cases.  His patches break if one, for example,
tries to follow two URLs simultaneously and the handler system is a
bit suspicious too, but I'll think about these issues.  I've
written asynchronous interfaces before so I have few ideas that I
can try.

Anyway, I just left for a two week holiday and generally I try to
stay away from computers, but if there are rainy days or I'm
otherwise bored, I'll hack something; just don't expect anything
very soon.

| Could you try M-n (w3m-copy-buffer)?  It is the command to generate
| new w3m-mode buffer.

I noticed that but it isn't quite what I'm after.  

| I don't like multi buffer style like W3.  It opens too many buffer to
| select the other buffer when moving buffer.

Right, that's not nice as a default either.  That's why I thought
about those commands that could open/follow URLs in other
buffer/window/frame.  I'll see about this too.