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Re: <HR> displayed as \212's

>>>>> in [emacs-w3m : No.01444]
>>>>> "Pavel" = Pavel@Janik.cz (Pavel Janík) wrote:
Pavel> I have only one minor problem - <HR> and table borders are
Pavel> displayed like \212 and similar.

It seems like w3m (not emacs-w3m) uses Japanese characters to
render lines and borders.

Would you try building your w3m with the following configuration.
- Which language do you prefer?
=> 2 - English
- Do you want to use 2-byte character for table border, item, etc.
=> n

It is also a good idea for you to install Japanese fonts and set
up your Emacs to uses them. ;-)

MIYOSHI Masanori  mailto:miyoshi@boreas.dti.ne.jp