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Character set problems


I'm using latest emacs-w3m from CVS and Emacs 20.7, w3m 0.2.1-11
and w3mmee 0.2.1.p19.3-3, all from Debian GNU/Linux unstable.

I can't properly see WWW pages that use ISO 8859-1 character set.
In place of ISO 8859-1 characters such as \"a (TeX notation) I see
gibberish if I use normal w3m and Japanese characters if I use
w3mmee (its documentation was in Japanese so I couldn't configure
it in any way).  w3m on tty works correctly.  w3mmee outputs some
sort of multibyte characters, so that doesn't work correctly on tty
(I'd guess it isn't even supposed to work on my 8bit terminal --- I
mainly installed it to try whether it would make a difference with

It seems that none of the WWW pages that use ISO 8859-1 character
set don't actually tell their character set so it seems that the
browser should detect it or, more realistically, one should
configure a default character set in the browser.  I tried saying

(setq w3m-coding-system-priority-list '(iso-8859-1))

but that didn't make any difference.  What should I do to make
things work properly?

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