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Re: Character set problems

Citation (with leading "> " of each line) from article:
    by Hannu Koivisto <azure@iki.fi> :
> w3mmee (its documentation was in Japanese so I couldn't configure

Original w3mmee package includes english documentations.  If your
*.deb doesn't, please look at my page


> it in any way).  w3m on tty works correctly.  w3mmee outputs some
> sort of multibyte characters, so that doesn't work correctly on tty

You may need to add the following lines to the file ~/.w3mmee/config:

tty_charset iso-8859-1
tty_accept_character U+0-7F
tty_accept_character U+A0-FF
tty_accept_character I+1+41+1-1+41+5F
tty_character_replacement ?

SUTO, Kiyokazu <suto@ks-and-ks.ne.jp>