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Re: Character set problems

Hannu Koivisto <azure@iki.fi> writes:

Duh, I accidentally hit send before I got the mail finished.

| configure a default character set in the browser.  I tried saying
| (setq w3m-coding-system-priority-list '(iso-8859-1))
| but that didn't make any difference.

However, setting w3m-{input,output}-coding-system variables to
iso-8859-1 helped.  This just sounds the wrong thing to do.  I
would basically like some mechanism to tell that the default coding
system of _WWW pages_ is ISO 8859-1.  Whatever coding system
emacs-w3m uses to talk to w3m should be handled automatically;
after all, I might want to browse some WWW pages that use a
character set different from ISO 8859-1.  And I think that the
coding system used for communicating with w3m varies based on
whether one uses w3m or w3mmee.  Likewise for, for example,
emacs-w3m's keyboard coding system; after all, I have already
configured keyboard coding system, terminal coding system etc. for
Emacs.  It feels weird having to configure them again for

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