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GNU Emacs 21 and the tool-bar-button-* variables


we have made both tool-bar-button-* customisable in the current CVS of GNU
Emacs. Before that, only the variable `tool-bar-button-margin' was
option. In the current CVS of emacs-w3m you have:

(defvar w3m-e21-toolbar-configurations
  '((auto-resize-tool-bar        . t)
    (auto-raise-tool-bar-buttons . t)
    (tool-bar-button-margin      . 0)
    (tool-bar-button-relief      . 2)))

Is it possible to get rid of it so that users who have customized these
variables can have the same value even in w3m buffers? On the other hand,
we have only auto-resize-tool-bars and not auto-resize-tool-bar.

P.S. Wow, I have not had a look on emacs-w3m for about two months, but
emacs-w3m is a *really* wonderful piece of software. Thank you for it!
Pavel Janík

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