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Re: emacs-w3m (non-member post)

>>>>> Katsumi wrote:

Katsumi> Except that the version 1.2.4 barely supports them.  The
Katsumi> tarball is available from:


Checking out with the tag 'emacs-w3m-1_2_4' seems to work fine to. I
guess it is the same thing.

Katsumi> I have tested it using XEmacs 21.4.6 without MULE a little while
Katsumi> ago.  

I just tried it with emacs-version "21.5 (beta4) \"bamboo\" XEmacs
Lucid" (non-MULE!) and it passed some simple tests anyway.

Katsumi> By the way, almost all developers on emacs-w3m have no time
Katsumi> to make it better for non-MULE Emacsen.

What would it take to get some support for non-MULE?

%% Mats