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Re: displaying chinese website in emacs


>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.03540]
>>>>>	Shao Zhang <shaoz@activesky.com> wrote:

> Is there any documentation about using emacs-w3m to display websites
> in Chinese in emacs?

I'm not sure of myself, but I can see both cn.yahoo.com and
tw.yahoo.com (which does not mean I can *read* Chinese :-p).
If the value for the option `w3m-type' is `w3m' in your system,
maybe you need to install the Mule-UCS Emacs Lisp package, which
is available in:


Otherwise, it seems to be required that using the external
command w3mmee instead of w3.  Could anyone tell us more
accurate informations?

> I tried (setq w3m-coding-system 'gb-cn) with no luck. And using
> set-language-environment from emacs does not work either.

I don't modify almost all emacs-w3m options, the language
environment is Japanese.  Also Chinese for the language
environment does not cause any problems that I've confirmed.

By the way, new versions for emacs-w3m has been released today
with the following anouncements:

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>