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display inline images in gnus (non-member post)

Hi all,

I tried this question on the gnu.emacs.gnus newsgroup with no
luck. Maybe someone here can help me. How do I configure gnus to
automatically display inline images using w3m when viewing text/html

I had the following settings in my .emacs/.gnus:

(setq w3m-display-inline-image t)
(setq mm-inline-text-html-with-images t)
(setq mm-text-html-renderer 'w3m)
(setq mm-inline-text-html-renderer 'mm-inline-text-html-render-with-w3m)

When I view the html emails in gnus, I still only get the link, not the
image. If I just view a webpage in emacs with w3m, then inline images
work fine.

Thanks for any help in advance.