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Re: display inline images for text/html using emacs-w3m


>>>>> In <kfvg8e77iu.fsf@shaoz.activesky.com.au>
>>>>>	Shao Zhang <shaoz@activesky.com> wrote:

Shao> I am trying to setup emacs-w3m/gnus to display emails in text/html
Shao> format that contain inline images.

Shao> I am using emacs21, emacs-w3m-1.2.7 and ognus-0.06 with the following
Shao> variables set:

Shao> (setq w3m-display-inline-image t)
Shao> (setq mm-text-html-renderer 'w3m)
Shao> (setq mm-inline-text-html-with-images t)
Shao> (setq mm-inline-text-html-renderer 'mm-inline-text-html-render-with-w3m)

Shao> However, no image is displayed at all. Only a link is shown as [cid].

Gnus won't show images inline in HTML articles by default,
except that an article has images data in itself with cid tags.
The reason why Gnus do so is that those such links to foreign
web sites might have rogue cookies which intend to collect
reachable mail addresses, etc.

If you do not mind such a thing, you may modify the value for
the option `mm-inline-text-html-with-images' as follows:

(setq mm-inline-text-html-with-images "")
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>