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Re: display inline images for text/html using emacs-w3m (non-member post)


On [Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:03:11 +0900], Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> wrote:
>>>>>> In <kfvg8e77iu.fsf@shaoz.activesky.com.au>
>>>>>>	Shao Zhang <shaoz@activesky.com> wrote:
> Shao> I am trying to setup emacs-w3m/gnus to display emails in text/html
> Shao> format that contain inline images.
> Shao> I am using emacs21, emacs-w3m-1.2.7 and ognus-0.06 with the following
> Shao> variables set:
> Shao> (setq w3m-display-inline-image t)
> Shao> (setq mm-text-html-renderer 'w3m)
> Shao> (setq mm-inline-text-html-with-images t)
> Shao> (setq mm-inline-text-html-renderer 'mm-inline-text-html-render-with-w3m)
> Shao> However, no image is displayed at all. Only a link is shown as [cid].
> Gnus won't show images inline in HTML articles by default,
> except that an article has images data in itself with cid tags.

This is exactly what I have got. A HTML email sent from outlook with an
image embedded in it. When viewed inside gnus, a link [cid] is shown.

> If you do not mind such a thing, you may modify the value for
> the option `mm-inline-text-html-with-images' as follows:
> (setq mm-inline-text-html-with-images "")

I just tried this. It still does not work for me. I was setting this
value to t before. From the documentation, it also says:

For emacs-w3m, the
value of the option `w3m-display-inline-images' will be bound with
this value.  In addition, the variable `w3m-safe-url-regexp' will be
bound with the value nil if it is non-nil to make emacs-w3m show all
images, however this behavior may be changed in the future.

But in emacs-w3m package, there is only the variable
w3m-display-inline-image, but not w3m-display-inline-images.