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mailing list?


I tried twice to subscribe to w3m mailing (to emacs-w3m-ctl@namazu.org) without
any responses. I understand most of the posts are in Japanese, which I don't
understand, but I could not find another place to ask questions about it.

Basically, my question is how do I use emacs-w3m to display CJK web pages. I am
using w3m 0.3, used all the default settings of emacs-w3m (w3m_el-1.3). For
Japanese (such as yahoo japan), it seems to work. But for Chinese (gb or big5),
the characters are not showing up correctly in emacs.

My environment:
* Gnu Emacs 21.2.1 Windows 2000,
* w3m: compiled with cygwin version:
       w3m version w3m/0.3, options
* emacs-w3m: 1.3, out of box configuration

I'd really appreciate if you can help with these questions.

BTW, emacs-w3m is absolutely great software!