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Re: emacs-w3m, w3m-m17n and mule

>>>>> "Katsumi" == Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> writes:

  Katsumi> Hi, Excuse me for the useless information.

Still, thank you for your attention.

  Katsumi> I'm using Mule-UCS, emacs-w3m 1.3.1 and w3m 0.3.1 for both
  Katsumi> Emacs 20.7 and 21.2.  I can see the Russian characters
  Katsumi> almost correctly for http://www.mypsion.ru,
  Katsumi> http://weblist.ru/russian/, etc.  You may possibly need to
  Katsumi> specify the charset koi8 or koi8-r using `C c' (`C' and `c'
  Katsumi> not `CTRL-C') key.

Well, I'd prefer to have the versatility of w3m-m17n.


  Sergei>>> I still see ??? for non-ascii code.  Do you see normal
  Sergei>>> letters for http://www.mypsion.ru ?

  Katsumi> I also see some ???s as the following picture, but I don't
  Katsumi> know what they should be or how do we fix them.

  Katsumi> ftp://ftp.jpl.org/pub/tmp/mypsion-20.7.png

These are the ALT="..." texts.  I attach the printed utf8 image from
the "xterm -u8 -e w3m-m17n" (actually, the page is in windows-1251,
and w3m-m17n correctly converts it to utf-8).

  Katsumi> Sorry for the noises.

Not at all, I am interested in getting the product better.


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