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Re: Setting font for w3m-mode


>> On Sat, 2 Nov 2002 10:57:43 +0100
>> felix.klee@inka.de ("Felix E. Klee") said as follows:

>the font I use in EMACS is pretty large. This is good when editing
>text.  However, when viewing web pages with w3m I have to scroll
>around a lot. Is it possible to use a smaller font for w3m-mode? If
>so, how?

It is quite difficult, I think.

If you use emacs in X window system, you can use multi frames.  One is
used to view web pages with emacs-w3m, and another one is used to edit
text.  Each frame can have its own font configuration, and you can use
a smaller font for the former.


TSUCHIYA Masatoshi