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Re: How to support an Arizona weather page?


>> On Fri, 25 Oct 2002 17:23:57 -0700
>> ascott@sedona.ch.intel.com ("Andrew M. Scott") said as follows:

>Q. Does emacs-w3m support non-Japan weather site? It's not clear from
>the documents.

No, emacs-w3m does not support them.

w3m-weather() consists of a function to retrieve weather forecasts
from weather.yahoo.co.jp, and filter functions to remove unwanted tags
and contents.  Therefore, present w3m-weather() strongly depends on
page structure of weather.yahoo.co.jp, and it cannot show non-Japan
weather pages.

If you want to make emacs-w3m support non-Japan weather site, you will
have to do 2 steps.

(1) Add its page information to `w3m-weather-completion-table', as

    (setq w3m-weather-completion-table
          (cons '("Arizona"

(2) Write filter functions to remove unwanted tags and contents, and
    register them to `w3m-weather-filter-functions'.

If a patch to support non-Japan weather sites is posted, I will be
gladly to merge it.


TSUCHIYA Masatoshi