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Re: [w3m-dev-en 00782] Re: w3m 0.3.2 release candidate 1

At 25 Oct 2002 22:24:38 +0200,
Clemens Fischer wrote:

> >  URL: http://w3m.sf.net/w3m-0.3.2rc1.tar.gz
> >
> > If there are no problem reported in a few days, I'll release it
> > as w3m-0.3.2.  Please try it. Any bug reports and/or fixes are highly
> > appreciated.
> there's a big problem breaking w3m_el or emacs-w3m as it is sometimes
> called:  although the options string doesn't contain the string
> "image" (due to the merge?), w3m_el tries to set "display_image=on" or
> "display_image=off", the latter if trying to work around the problem
> by setting "(setq w3m-treat-image-size nil)" in the configuration
> file.

If you didn't build without image (#undef USE_IMAGE), w3m options doesn't
contain the string "image", then emacs-w3m will automatically detect to set
w3m-treat-image-size to nil unless you specify it explicitly.
What version of emacs-w3m are you using?

> this breaks older applications relying on those option names.  why not
> keep old options for backward compatibility?

Of course, w3m keep almost all options for backward compatibility.
I think there are little changes around here since w3m 0.3.1.
The only changes is that imgsize options (to specify w3mimgsize program path)
is obsoleted because w3mimgsize functionality is merged to w3mimgdisplay.

Fumitoshi UKAI