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Call for info writers

Hi all,

The same message in Japanese will also be sent to the list.

I look for the writer of each item of info.  The info files for
emacs-w3m has been created by Yoichi NAKAYAMA as emacs-w3m.texi
and emacs-w3m-ja.texi in the CVS trunk.  Then, I am cooperating
with Romain FRANCOISE in writing them.  However, it is still a
long way from completion.  Because, I have to spend great time
on reference of an English dictionary (writing this message is
not an exception, either :-).  Could anyone please cooperate?

If you volunteer, any one of writing only in English, only in
Japanese or both is appreciated.  You may write a plain text if
you are not familiar with the texinfo style.  The contents may
not be perfect.  Someone will touch up it later.

Anyway, install the latest emacs-w3m and read the info.  And
then, declare beforehand in order to avoid duplication like
"I will write the BAR section." or "I will translate the FOO
section into Japanese.".  Also feel free to withdraw the

Best regards,
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>