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Re: Call for info writers

Katsumi Yamaoka writes:

> I look for the writer of each item of info.  The info files for
> emacs-w3m has been created by Yoichi NAKAYAMA as emacs-w3m.texi and
> emacs-w3m-ja.texi in the CVS trunk.  Then, I am cooperating with
> Romain FRANCOISE in writing them.  However, it is still a long way
> from completion.  Could anyone please cooperate?

Unless someone speaks up against it, I will take the nodes Quick
Searching and Using Antenna.  I can also write the Searching Words node,
which I think refers to the search facility (it would be good to use the
word "search engine" in the description, I think); unless one of the
authors of w3m-search wants it.

Someone will have to translate these to Japanese afterwards.
Yamaoka-san, is it okay to send you patches, or do you want me to post
them on the list?


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