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Re: form input fields do not always work!

Romain FRANCOISE <romain@orebokech.com>:

>> http://www.vmware.com/vmwarestore/newstore/login.jsp .  you will find
> I found out that if you comment out the line that says:
> <td width="42%"><span class="smaller">Enter your email and VMware
> password to sign in using our secure server:</span>

interesting.  what on eartch could this have to do with emacs-w3m's
behaviour?  i mean, _why_ does this work?

> just above the corresponding <input> tags, then the form
> works...  It's probably something wrong about the page itself, the
> HTML looks correct (ugly but correct) to me, so it must be a
> combination of unfortunate bugs in emacs-w3m *and* in the page.  :(

i think you're right, and i said this in my first report of this
bug.  the other (german) site i reported did expose the same problem
with seemingly correct HTML.

> It's not very useful, sorry...

on the contrary.  again i ask:  why does your workaround work?  to me
it shouldn't :)  ah!  on second thought, could it have to do with
table handling?  but then emacs-w3m and stand-alone w3m should behave
the same!