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Re: form input fields do not always work!

clemens fischer writes:

> i think you're right, and i said this in my first report of this
> bug.  the other (german) site i reported did expose the same problem
> with seemingly correct HTML.

Gee, I never received your first bug report...  I don't know if it's a
problem on my part or if it hasn't been distributed to the
list...  Anyway, on this website (http://preistrend.de/), it is the
exact same problem: if you comment out the 

<td align="center" valign="middle">

just after the <form>, then it works just fine.

> why does your workaround work?  to me it shouldn't :) ah!  on second
> thought, could it have to do with table handling?  but then emacs-w3m
> and stand-alone w3m should behave the same!

Actually the table breaks the parsing of the form.  Proof of concept:
load your broken page, watch the w3m-current-forms variable, you'll see
something like this in the list:

 [w3m-form-object get "file:///home/romain/suchen.php3" nil urlencoded
                   (:value "0"))]

whereas with my "workaround", you get

 [w3m-form-object get "file:///home/romain/suchen.php3" nil urlencoded
                   (:value "")
                   (:value "0")
                   (:value "0")
                     ("dm" . "DM")
                     ("euro" . "EURO")))
                   (:value nil))]

Hopefully someone from the Japanese crowd will know what's wrong and
fix the problem.  :)



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