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Re: Call for info writers

> > I think using @code is not good. But I don't know any other
> > good macro to use here...
> I would recommend using
> @table @kbd
> @item u @r{(w3m-lynx-like-map)}
> Bla bla bla
> @item y @r{(w3m-info-like-map)}
> Bla bla bla
> @end table
> It is the convention I have used in my patches, and it seems to be the
> convention used in GNU documentation as well.

Nice. I think we should adopt this style.
Yamaoka-san, Tsuchiya-san, how do you think?

I thinks we could use lynx-map or lynx instead of w3m-lynx-like-map.
Likewise, we could use info-map or info instead of w3m-info-like-map.

Masatake YAMATO