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Re: Call for info writers

> Masatake YAMATO <jet@gyve.org> writes:
> > I've written both key binds(DEL and >) and command
> > names(w3m-scroll-down-or-previous-url, w3m-scroll-left). In such case,
> > should I write M-x as a prefix for the command names or not?
> If the command is bound to a key, there is no need to give the M-x
> <function> in the key bindings, this is useful only if there are no key
> bindings for the command.  

I'd like to write M-x <function> explicitly for info-like-map user.

We have written about key bindings based on only lynx-like-map.  I
think if writing also M-x <function>, info-like-map user can do M-x
where-is easily to find where the function is bound-to in

This is just another ugly notation?

Masatake YAMATO