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Re: Call for info writers

Thank you for notifying.

> YAMATO-san, I realize just now that you didn't mention the "next"
> feature in the "Moving in a page" node, that is: if the page contains a
> link named "next" then if you hit SPC at the end of the buffer, the
> page the link points to will be loaded.  It's a nice feature.  :)
> (The same applies for DEL and any link named "Prev" or "Previous".)
> Unless you want to write the doc for this, I'll do it and include it in
> my next patch.

I've planed to write the intelligent "next" and "prev" bound to SPC and DEL
in @node Moving over pages, not in "Moving in a page."
(I think they should be in @node Moving over pages. How do you think?)

However, this intelligent "next" and "prev" future are not easy to explain 
for me. I'm afraid that I have to read the code to explain how they work
exactly. So I'm happy if you write about them(SPC and DEL). I'll
translate it to Japanese.