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Re: serious form submission bug: !CURRENT_URL!

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>:

>> http://lists.em.ca/!CURRENT_URL!?submit=Search+vmailmgr&terms=frontmail&list=vmailmgr&command=search
> I don't know how to fix it so far, sorry.  However, I found the
> string "!CURRENT_URL!" in the w3m (not emacs-w3m) source files.
> Dones anyone know what is it?

it seems to be an indicator of some sort, which is later removed from
the URI as parsing goes along.  grepping for it lists:

file.c-    char *p, *q, *r, *s, *tg, *n;
file.c-    char cs = 0;
file.c-    p = "get";
file.c-    parsedtag_get_value(tag, ATTR_METHOD, &p);
file.c:    q = "!CURRENT_URL!";
file.c-    parsedtag_get_value(tag, ATTR_ACTION, &q);
file.c-    r = NULL;
file.c-#ifdef JP_CHARSET
file.c-    case HTML_N_TEXTAREA:
file.c-	close_textarea(h_env);
file.c-	return 1;
file.c-    case HTML_ISINDEX:
file.c-	p = "";
file.c:	q = "!CURRENT_URL!";
file.c-	parsedtag_get_value(tag, ATTR_PROMPT, &p);
file.c-	parsedtag_get_value(tag, ATTR_ACTION, &q);
file.c-	tmp = Strnew_m_charp("<form method=get action=\"",
main.c-	multipart = (fi->parent->method == FORM_METHOD_POST &&
main.c-		     fi->parent->enctype == FORM_ENCTYPE_MULTIPART);
main.c-	query_from_followform(&tmp, fi, multipart);
main.c-	tmp2 = Strdup(fi->parent->action);
main.c:	if (!Strcmp_charp(tmp2, "!CURRENT_URL!")) {
main.c-	    /* It means "current URL" */
main.c-	    tmp2 = parsedURL2Str(&Currentbuf->currentURL);
main.c-	    if ((p = strchr(tmp2->ptr, '?')) != NULL)

it is funny, though, that w3m undoes the "markup" correctly, whereas
emacs-w3m doesn't.  could it be that emacs-w3m does something to the
URI presented to w3m?  it might be reveiling if people collected forms
where it works and some where it doesn't.