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Re: w3m doesn't display messages with text/html mime-type properly

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> writes:

> In the area of the article buffer rendered by emacs-w3m, the TAB
> key is assigned to the `w3m-next-anchor' command, since the
> `w3m-minor-mode' is activated there.  As you've experienced,
> some keys in the `w3m-minor-mode-map' can't be used for the Gnus
> commands.  However, those commands are very useful to stroll
> through the text/html area.  I hope users get acclimated to the
> feature. :)

Using w3m as a browser in emacs is a great idea -- I like it a lot.
Thanks to the w3m.el developers for this great tool.

Still, it seems that w3m could be made to use the widget.el package
for creating hyperlinks instead of creating its own special objects.
That would be a huge boon to Emacs/w3m interaction.

Is there any reason (besides time and effort) that w3m isn't using
widget.el to create the links?


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