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Shimbun Basics


Nakajima-san and I have tried to improve the English expressions
for the "Overview" subsection of the "Shimbun Basics" info
section.  Since I am not a good English writer, could you please
check and correct it?

I think we also need to highly improve the other subsections of
the "Shimbun Basics" section, and only Japanese developers may
be able to do it.  However I unfortunately have no time in this
weekend (there may only be a time to read mails, though :).

Releasing the current version is ok, but we may have to release
the next version soon.
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@namazu.org>
;; 中島さんごめんなさい。中島さんの意にそぐわないところがあった
;; らどしどし文句を言って下さい。または変えてしまって下さい。^^;;