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Re: Shimbun Basics

At Fri, 06 Jun 2003 19:21:18 +0900,
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@namazu.org> wrote:
> Nakajima-san and I have tried to improve the English expressions
> for the "Overview" subsection of the "Shimbun Basics" info
> section.

  I'm sorry for the conflicts and thanks for your resolution of it.

> I think we also need to highly improve the other subsections of
> the "Shimbun Basics" section, and only Japanese developers may
> be able to do it.

  I see major changes are for enabling to read more easily (and some
are for Gnus users).  They are pretty good.

  However I don't understand now what we have to HIGHLY improve other
subsections.  In other words, what are omissions or what make us
misunderstood?  And before that did you mean we have to improve mainly
English version instead Japanese version?  Please point them out
briefly for making better documents.

  Japanese follows ---

れますが、developer 用であれば、coding の要点と概略が分かれば十分だと
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