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Re: emacs-w3m-1.3.4rc4

* Yuuichi Teranishi:

> At Sat, 07 Jun 2003 14:42:50 +0200,
> Clemens Fischer wrote:
>> i'm very sorry, but POST URIs are still encoded with `&' instead
>> of plain `&', which makes them fail.  tested against "pure" w3m and
>> elinks, where they work.  GET method isn't corrupted this way.
> I think it is a same problem as [emacs-w3m:00150].  The letter '&'
> in the form action url is encoded to '&' by w3m's halfdump.
> I've commited same workaround to the CVS trunk and 1_3 branch.

but w3m used without emacs-w3m does _not_ exhibit this bug!  i've
tried (i) emacs-w3m, (ii) w3m and (iii) elinks on the wiki in
question;  only emacs-w3m does the corruption of `&' characters in
POST requests.

btw:  [emacs-w3m:00150] would be a rather old article, emacs-w3m is
higher than 05085 now.  do you mean this is an old issue?

> RSS is not supported in shimbun yet.

> You have to write a new shimbun backend to read other newspapers...
> (I think XML parser with good namespace support is required to
> support RSS)

gnus-CVS (i'm using the released version .10.3) has RSS support, so
what is special about emacs-w3ms shimbun support?  has this to do with
multi-byte characters or do yomiury and asahi not offer regular news
syndication via RSS, like many other sites have started to?