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Websites consistently failing

There are certain websites (everything in the axkit wiki,
http://www.axkit.org/wiki/view/AxKit/LiveSites for instance) which I
can't visit using emacs-w3m 1.3.6 without receiving the following

Reading http://www.axkit.org/wiki/view/AxKit/LiveSites...done
Can't decode encoded contents: http://www.axkit.org/wiki/view/AxKit/LiveSites
Cannot retrieve URL: http://www.axkit.org/wiki/view/AxKit/LiveSites (exit status: 0)

This also happens on several "normal" websites after a time; I'll get
the above error on a site which, only a few moments earlier, worked
fine and, until I kill and restart my emacs session, the site refuses
to load. This is under w3m 0.4.1 and emacs 21.3 if that matters at

Any ideas about what might be happening?