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Re: jde + emacs-w3m problem

Hi Paul, hi Jim, hi everyone,

Paul Kinnucan <paulk@mathworks.com> writes:

> Hi James,
> Allowing JDEE users to browse javadoc, the JDK API, and the JDEE
> User's Guide from within Emacs sounds like a great idea. Perhaps I
> could build support into the JDEE for using w3m for this purpose and
> include a Windows binary of w3m in the JDEE distribution (and any
> other binaries users care to contribute).

I thought I comment on this because I use this combination for over a
year now and it works great. It is a very smooth experience to have
the javadoc in an emacs buffer. On Linux it ran out of the box, on
cygwin I had to make the same changes to jde-help.el James described.

There is no need to provide binaries for platforms other than
windows. There exists a w3m package/port for all distributions I know.
I don't know OS X, though.

> From your experience, what is necessary to configure Emacs to allow
> this capability?

because JDEE uses browse-url there isn't much need for configuration.
Just set the browse-url-browser-function to w3m-browse-url.  If you
prefer to view the javadoc in the `other-window' alongside the source
this function helps:

(defun w3m-browse-url-other-window (url &optional newwin)
  (interactive "s")
  (w3m-browse-url url t))

To browse only the Javadoc from JDEE in a new window and all other
urls in a full window (or in mozilla) you can set the
browse-url-browser-function to:

(setq browse-url-browser-function 
      '(("jde_meta" . w3m-browse-url-other-window)
	(".*" . w3m-browse-url)
; or if you prefer:
;	(".*" . browse-url-mozilla)
Now every url containing "jde_meta" will be opened with
w3m-browse-url-other-window all others with w3m-browse-url (or

I also want to recommend the cool w3m-type-ahead package by Matthew
P. Hodges. Very useful to jump to another class/method in the javadoc.

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