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Re: jde + emacs-w3m problem

hi again,

i've found a (partial) solution to my problem: if i use w3mmee instead
of w3m, everything works fine.

i've been also stepping through the w3m-el code with edebug, and found
where the infinite loop raises:

when the page has a form, w3m-form-parse-and-fontify is eventually
called. it parses the buffer and, at a given point, looks for the
<internal/> tags and, inside them, the corresponding <option>s. the
first one is found, and w3m-parse-attributes is invoked (w3m-form.el,
line 612). upon returning from this macro invocation (and only when
the backend is w3m) _the point has been positioned at the beginning of
the buffer_, and, therefore, the next search for an <option> tag
re-reads the first one ad infinitum. when the backend is w3mmee (or
jde has not been loaded), w3m-parse-attributes behaves as expected
(i.e., leaves point at the beginning of the _next_ <option>.)

i don't know the cause of this strange behaviour, but maybe it will
ring a bell in the jde and/or w3m-el developers' minds :). my guess is
that, somehow, loading jde interferes with the regexps used by
w3m-el/w3m to find the form tags...

anyway, thanks a lot for two great pieces of software!

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of yourself that you truly give.
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